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Travel and Tourism:

Travel and tourism is one of the largest service industries in India. It provides heritage, cultural, business, and sports tourism. The main objective of this sector is to develop and promote tourism, maintain the competitiveness of India as a tourist destination, and improve and expand existing tourism products to ensure employment generation and economic growth.

There are numerous options available in terms of travel and tourism courses like travel management, tourism departments in government and private sectors, travel agencies, Customer Ground Handling etc. out of them travel management consists the major part in the industry.

Travel and Tourism sector is emerging at a good pace in India. The Government has initiated various plans keeping tourism sector in mind. Tourism sector will employ many Indian nationals and help generate more revenue.

Travel courses in Bangalore are one of the most demanding as Bangalore is a hi-tech city which provides the most number of jobs in India. Travel and tourism courses in India offers various option:-

  • Join an undergraduate course right after completing class 12 in the field of travel and tourism.
  • The Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India approved postgraduate degree. Travel management is a two-year full-time programme.
  • Short-term travel and tourism courses are offered by many travel agencies.
  • You can also opt for vocational travel courses in Bangalore to get the preeminent bachelor vocational degree.

Promotion and employment aspects are bright in this travel and tourism field as of now because not many skilled employees are available in the market right now. One can even plan to start their own business or start-up in travel and tourism by taking on additional employees and partners in travel and tourism courses with the government. Tourism Courses in Bangalore’s colleges are worth taking to kickstart one’s career in travel management.

What we offer

Special coaching class

High technical regular classroom coaching programme for all,Coaching would be provided as exactly on new pattern  syllabus . Alternate Days and Weekend classes are conducted, Medium and Short-Term Coaching courses are available. SSR institution provides this offer to  uplift students in  areas academically weak and hence  can give students the chance to shape their life.

English Language Course

All foreign nationals studying atS.S.R Group of Institutions should undergo English language course, during weekends and the duration of which will be 4-6 months, and it will attract a fee too. The S.S.R School of English conducts supportive English language classes which includes listening, reading, writing and speaking.

personality Development (PD)

To showcase your strength and capability, there will be a personility development training program during the academic year which is mendatory for all  students and it will attract an additional fee. This will motivate you to become meticulous in all your ventures.


Counselling & Placements

S.S.R Group Of Institutions operates a free confidential counselling service to provide professional personal counselling to any student who is in distress and stress. The service offers individual counselling to those students who feel that they are unable to study effectively and cosciously.


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The college offers merit scholarship to the extent of 50% of the tuition fees, to those who score more than 80% of marks in the immediate preceding examination.

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SportsSSR Institutions

Education will not be complete without building a healthy body and alert mind. Therefore, sports & Games are an integral part of the learning process.

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FestSSR Institutions

Cultural activities provide students to show case their talents. Therefore, the college conducts cultural fests under the guidance and supervision of faculty members.

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Blood donation is one of the things people do during this season. Willingness to save a life is all that you need. Due to increased dengue cases in Bangalore.

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