Mr. Raghu.s


Dear Aspirants,

I extend a warm welcome with a delightful heart to this paradise of learning. I am privileged to interact through this brief presentation and introduce you to the institutions run by the S.S. R Educational Trust, Bangalore. The Trust is named after my father late Shri. P. Siddaramappa, a great visionary, believed that education is the only means through which, we can meaningfully transform the lives of the children and pay back to the society. The Trust has been formed to fulfill his dreams and establish a chain of educational institutions to provide quality education to the under privileged section of the society.
S.S.R College has been established to cater to the needs of quality higher education to students living in the surrounding area. Providing effective education to all at an affordable cost is the basic objective of the college. Moulding students to make them competitive to face the world with confidence and dignity is the sole aim of the college. Friends, we live in a wonderful world of knowledge, full of charm and adventure. I am sure our institutions will impart critical skills and practical training that is required to build your overall personality. Make use of the opportunities in a right perspective and prosper in life.

Wish you good luck and bright future.

Prof. Somashekar


Dear Aspirants,

S.S.R Group Of Institutions aims at creating professionally competent and highly enlightened citizens who will help build a strong India and ultimately improve the quality of life of our people. Apart, in moulding them as complete human beings, moral, ethical, cultural and social values are instilled along with inculcating traits of self discipline, honesty and integrity. Besides this, making sustained efforts to create knowledge, influence practice and integrate the same globally. The movement towards a global economy and unprecedented economic and technological changes have given rise to great opportunities for development of newer methodologies in the field of management. With companies growing awareness of increasing opportunities as well as competitive threats, they are looking for management graduates, who with their fresh insights and innovative ideas can develop strategies for sustainable growth. S.S.R Group Of Institutions intends to contribute to this challenging situation by providing cutting edge knowledge to its students. I look forward to welcoming you to join and contribute to our journey towards exploring new frontiers in global business management.

Mrs. Hemalatha Raghu


 Dear Aspirants,

It is my privilege to bring warm greetings to you after having assumed charge as the Secretary of S.S.R Group of Institution.That the College will continue to strive towards academic excellence, social relevance and spiritual vitality shall be my main concern. I am delighted to state that the College will be growing in many areas such as infrastructural development, innovative initiatives and partnerships with internationally renowned educational institutions. Due emphasis is being laid on imparting sound education to all students and at present their strength is close to 50 percent of the nearly 5000 students and the same trend is evident in the faculty, as well. I am confident that the college, with its rich legacy, besides being blessed by His divine hands, will be able to contribute richly in shaping young minds, thereby resulting in national development.